December 5, 2011

BIG SALE: Nymph Couture closing shop

Nymph Couture, like many in-world stores, is closing its doors and moving exclusively to SL Marketplace. So, for a limited time, everything in the store has been reduced to $25L or less. First a warning. Lots of things look to me like re-colored template items and really only worth $25L at most in the first place. However, there are a few gems lurking around. One I particularly liked was Kountry Kutie -- a complete outfit with top, undies, ripped brown jeans, belt and hat on every layer imaginable. It's very well done with realistic textures, shadows and some nice sculpty work on the hat (even if you will have to heavily mod your hair to keep those strands from poking through).
If you're selective in your shopping, you'll have fun unearthing other great outfits and items like I did at Nymph Couture. There are some guys skins and items too although I didn't have a chance to really look at them.


  1. It's depressing to see so many places closing. I like shopping in-world. I will keep trying to find great places... at least it keeps me looking :) (Always feel a little ashamed of myself when I use the market place).

  2. I agree Emma. I belong to the Fashion Consolidated group in SL and I have received sooo many closing doors notices over the last few months. Many are not going to Marketplace -- they are leaving period. It's sad.

  3. I only shop in world noways, yes for sure i use marketplace to search and get freebies, but with its delivers failing, nothing like going in world to buy!
    So a shop closing in world is a less one to have me as a client!
    Still we all know, that as tiers stay, unfortunalty a lot more will go down, not all can have the luxury to have shops that don't sell, just for their egotistic pleasure (LoL speaking about Me of course!)


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