March 27, 2011

A Second Life Shopping Spree

Maker's package
I needed a break in RL so I jumped onto Second Life and decided to what any fashion grrl would do. I went shopping!! My first stop was at a new shop called Ella Onda Fashion. I was "suckered" in with a notice from one of the SL fashion groups I belong to. It promised new designs and the prices were pretty low (about $60 - $90L). So off I went.

I looked carefully at the package photos but couldn't tell much from them since the sizes were all fairly small and the resolution seemed like it was at 256x256 or something. I finally found an outfit that looked  cute and bought it for $99 (see Gina at right)

What a disappointment! While the texturing was OK in most places, the straps and side panels looked very painted on. Plus the outfit (in two colors black & red) was only supplied on pants/jacket layer with very simple and not quite matching miniskirt prim inserts for the crotch area. Blah. (Thanks to Lalo Telling for pointing out, obliquely, that I really needed my own photo of the outfit to show the problems. Click on any of the images to see in original size.)

Close-up of Gina Outfit
In looking at their other items, I recognized a few template store-in-a-box type outfits including a retextured version of those tired old lace up booty shorts. Feh! What can you say -- the price is right. Sort of. <-- Ella Onda if you dare

Bare Rose - Quality at a Great Price

Now I was in need of a real fashion fix. Feeling a bit frisky, I decided to head for Bare Rose having not visited there for at least 6 months. And OMG, I went crazy and bought 5 outfits including a very wild one I didn't really pay close attention to. More on that in a sec...

For the price, I don't think anyone can touch Bare Rose for quality, style and a totally unique look.

TongPu in Pink (at left) is total Japanese Kawaii-style (cuteness) at its best. I am a sucker for pink (Hello Kitty) and this outfit about made me wet myself! The texturing is phenomenal, the prim parts fit and match perfectly AND it comes in red along with the pink in the box!!! The hair poofies are to die for and the upright collar ads a touch of aggressiveness than goes beyond simply cute.

All for only $160L. (The shoes are color-changing platforms from HOC.)

So, this just puts that $99L outfit all to shame doesn't it?

Now continuing on with my B@R spree, here's the funny one.

Another pink outfit caught my eye and without batting a virtual lash, I bought it. Only when I tried it on at home did I realise it was a bit more risque than my usual fare.

It's called Deka Ribbon and it's supplied in black and pink. Naturally, I'm showing you the pink. And you'll notice I'm wearing the strategic nipple covers because I'm usually a very modest kitty and this outfit is really designed to be worn bare breasted. :P

Hopefully I'll find a matching lace bra or something for it but for now, what you see is what you get.

Bare Rose really has a way with unique prims. From the hair flirts to the ribbons, collar and cuffs, it all makes for one very smashing outfit. Price is, once again, only $160L and includes both pink and black versions.

When I get time, I'll post up the other outfits I bought.

In the meantime, if you haven't visited for awhile, stop by Bare Rose!

Bare Rose Tokyo -- Bare Rose

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