June 18, 2018

SL15B, music & fun

SL15B Cake Stage with Ghosty Kips
Just a few photos from my adventure last night. Old friend Ghosty "The Llama" Kips was DJing on the Cake stage doing a sweet mix of techno, house and alt. The venue was killer and blended perfectly with my cutesy pink outfit. Ghosty and I have known each other for 8 years in SL. YIKES! I feel like a total cougar now. Oh wait, I am.

Joining me later for an all Canadian set courtesy of DJ Moonbeam was newly minted friend (well one month anyway), Checker. Do we know how to party or what? He's so adorkable. :)

Checker & Snick doing the sexii dance at SL15B
Being at the Cake stage brought back memories from SL12B and literally closing the place down right before they shut down the SIM. It's me wearing a cosplay outfit from BareRose that matched the blues in the rainbows perfectly. Not intentional I swear.
Snickers @ SL12B

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