July 1, 2017

Sleek Art Deco mystery mesh formal

TBO Farah lamé dress
I haven't blogged for awhile since I've been super busy in RL. Anywayyyyy, I was digging through my vast wasteland called Inventory when I came across a dress name I didn't recognize. TBO Farah lame gown. (Of course lame should be lamé so perhaps a rename is in order.)

Hmmmm I thought. Where did this come from? When was it bought? Who knows? So I tried it on and immediately was like, oh wow, this is very different!

Apologies for the full size photo since it doesn't do the dress justice. The bands across the waist and bodice look almost like streamlined metal. Up close, the mesh is really a piece of artwork. And yes, it really does look like lamé.

After searching around, I found it is a $10L promo item on SLM also available in fatpack HUD driven version. The designer is "TheBeautifulOnes" aka TBO.

This really is a very lovely dress suitable for formal and cocktail occasions.

Back view and close-up of banding below.

Hair is "Kiki" by Elika-Tira.
Heels are "Yuuna" by KC.
Jewelry is Pavonine (peacock) by DS.

Link to SLM: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TBO-Farah-lame-gown-Turquoise-slink-physique-hourglass-maitreya-tmp-fitted-mesh/8463424
Back view
Closeup of bodice and waist bands

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