April 6, 2017

New region limits for Second Life

Some interesting things in an announcement by Linden Lab recently.
Currently, when a region is full, access to the region is simply on a first come first served basis. This leads to a sort of distributed race to enter the full region; users repeatedly try to teleport or cross into the region and fail until someone leaves. The next attempt made by anyone succeeds, which makes the region full again. Even the region owner and estate managers must compete with other Residents to get into their own region if they find themselves outside of the region when it is full.
We are introducing some improvements to how region limits and region entry work:
The Region Owner or an Estate Manager can always enter, even when the region is full
The default limit on the number of avatars in each region type is increased
Full Regions by 10% (100 to 110)
Homesteads by 25% (20 to 25)
Open Spaces by 20% (10 to 12)
This new bonus capacity is, however, available for entry purposes only to Premium users - for Basic users the occupancy limits remain the same. 
I like the Premium member only bonus. I think Linden Lab could do more along these lines to improve the benefits for Premium.

For complete article see: https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2145-improved-region-capacity-and-access/

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