November 28, 2016

Business girl goes cheap! $10L special

Jessie by Licole Fashion
A discussion ensued (like that word??) in the Second Life inworld Maitreya Lara Friends group about business attire. One of the ladies was looking for a professional suit. These used to be fairly easy to find in SL maybe 5 years ago but with the advent of mesh bodies and changing tastes, they are kind of hard to find. A few options came up including a $599L full outfit from Bella Moda which, at least from the Marketplace photos, looks stunning. (Not sure if the person who was hunting for an outfit bought it or not. It is pricey.)

ANYWAY, that lead me to do my own little search on SLM and UGGGH! Still lots of paint-on system clothes for standard avatars. But there just isn't much in the way of mesh -- especially not outfits designed for Maitreya's Lara body (or for that matter Belleza or Slink).

Then I thought maybe I can make a standard mesh outfit work. And, tah-dah, with a little work on the alphas, I present to you Jessie from Licole fashion. Comes in the standard 5 sizes and as long as your shape isn't too far off, it's wearable with most mesh bodies. The cool part? It was only $10L.

The one drawback is the jacket texture (it's all one mesh) is really dark. While the detail is good, you have to be in bright light to appreciate it. My photo here shows how it actually looks under standard mid-day lighting. Enlarge, zoom in and see for yourself.

Heels are Sensure in black by Beck for mid feet ($50L) but you could get the original full perms template version for only $99L and make your own in any color for Slink, Maitreya or Belleza. They're sold as DX001 Firefly Shoes on SLM. Really, they're quite nice. I wish more shoe designers would make mid feet compatible shoes -- it's just so much more natural looking than high. Oh well. Personal annoyance of mine.

SLM link to outfit: Jessie Business Suit by Licole

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