October 12, 2016

Space, the final fashion frontier

Odyssey - Front View
Well dear followers, tis' been awhile since I've posted anything new here. Sorry 'bout that. Real life has been just a bit too consuming lately. Anywayyyyyyyy. I've got a few new things to share so expect them over the next few weeks. (I hope.)

Here's the first. A sexxxxii (R-rated) space costume from a store I've never heard of called "Shady Gear". Just in time for Halloween or your next futuristic cosplay venture,"Odyssey" is very well done with details rarely seen in something that's only $150L.

While not designed for mesh bodies, it comes with appliers for Maitreya, Omega and TMP. That's simply for the plastic under layer. The rest of the outfit is made of mesh wearable pieces that are very well done -- right down to the LED/neon glow of the parts. And woo hoo, they all fit!

I'm using my Maitreya Lara mesh body here in the photo with size L parts and everything fits perfectly. Just a little tweaking needed on the boot alphas but nothing major. The white highlights can look a teensy bit fake from certain angles but that's a really minor complaint.

No photoshop in these pics. Straight from the SL clicker!

Overall, I give this costume a 9 out of 10 candy bars! As usual, you can click on the images for full size versions.

Available on SL Marketplace for standard and some mesh avatars. Shown with Lumae Eirtae skin & Truth Roxanna skin.

Link to SLM: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Odyssey/9611044

Odyssey - Back View

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