December 9, 2014

Going back in time to The Free Dove!

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I've been super busy in RL, it's a hugely busy time of the year plus I've been randomly sick with colds and other medical junk that was leaving me too drained for blogging about SL. Anyway, nuf o' that.

I was going through my Second Life landmarks in inventory this evening to weed out those that were dead, had moved or were otherwise useless. Lo and behold (seems appropriate to say this time of year), I came across an LM for The Free Dove. Or as it's listed in the LM, THE FREE DOVE as if ALL CAPS will make it even more FREE!

I have to give Palomna Casanova (the owner) props for hanging in there against all odds. Since 2006, THE FREE DOVE has been handing out freebies to newbs and regular folks alike. And generally speaking, the quality has always been pretty good. I still have a ton of Penguin and other prim shoes from TFD that I still wear now and then. I mean sometimes blocks and buttons and tortured prims make great wearables (LOL).

So on my quick swing through the store, I picked up an interesting skin, a nice bobbed-cut hair, 3 mesh dresses, and a pair of pink ankle boots. (I'm a real sucker for ankle boots.)

Everything was well crafted. The boots are awesomesauce. And I'm just totally amazed that THE FREE DOVE is still around for freebie goodness.

Yay Palomna!

Give the store a visit if you're in the mood to shop for freeeeee! SLURL below:

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