April 13, 2014

Bastille at Coachella Festival

Not my usual type of blog post but I was watching Coachella streaming live on YouTube largely because of a few bands I like --- including, or maybe especially, Bastille.

I really LOVE Dan Smith as a lead singer (he cute too) -- well at least I do on their studio albums. But the Coachella performance featured wayyyy too much of his "signature" vocal styling where he breaks a single word into discrete notes. Places in songs where he would normally slide a note up or down turned into overly repetitious and at times, annoying use of vocal stepping or whatever you call it.

And what's with throwing an"H" onto the front of words that start with vowels? Like the word "almost" became "halmost" and "all" became "hall" so Pompeii turned into "Does it halmost feel like nuh-uthing's cha-hanged at ha-all." Seriously? "Bad Blood" is a great album and the vocals are really good. But a little bit of Dan Smith's normal style goes a long way. Live? Is there something that makes singers think they have to overdo everything?

Snickers Snook -- music critic for a day. :P

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