February 26, 2014

More from Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

This is a blog post about a blog post about two twitter posts which were about another blog post.

So we start with Wagner James Au's blog post which basically collects two Tweets and expands on them.


It is cool to see Ebbe Altberg read Second Life commentaries and actually respond to them. And here's Mari's original blog post that kicked that interchange off:


Just an off-hand comment first on something Mr. Au said. "Responsiveness to JIRA support tickets" isn't the issue. It's that the JIRA was completely closed so only the person who filed the original issue could see it. Clearly perceived by Second Life residents as wayyy secretive as opposed to de facto non-responsive.

I really do hope Ebbe Altberg CAN restore that feeling of community that Second Life USED to have. Open and honest communications between Linden Lab and Second Life citizens / residents / avatars / customers are at the heart of that.

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