November 4, 2013

Sentiments still hot against Linden Lab changes to SL TOS

In spite of Peter Linden's recent letter trying to spin away the recent changes to the Second Life Terms of Service, negative sentiment of creators remains high with no signs of letting up.

Some threads of interest:

First, two from Tateru Nino's Dwell On It blog. In both, she tries to explain why the TOS changes aren't that bad and why they make sense from a legal perspective. IMO, she kinda misses the point which is that the whole thing was one big "eff you" to the paying customers of Second Life. Read through the comments that follow to pick up the general tone.

I don't think Tateru expected the firestorm response she got. I think Desmond Shang's response is very telling and probably accurately represents the feelings of many creators in SL:

Then there are these thread on Wagner James Au's blog:

Like Tateru's threads, you need to read the comments to get the tone.

Further complicating the whole situation is what the heck Linden Lab is going to do with Desura. Many content creators are concerned that their items will suddenly get ported to Desura without their permission, intent or support. Thus, some of the preemptive strikes by removing existing content before whatever happens, happens.

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