July 31, 2013


Coralee by Inga Wind
OK, you all know one of my bestie designer friends is Inga Wind. And yes I love to feature her designs on my blog because, frankly, she makes awesome clothing. Also, her tastes and mine are well matched. While in real life, I'm usually running around in a tank top, shorts and sandals, in Second Life I love European upscale couture. And that's what Inga does best.

I have formals from a mix of designers including Blaze, Nicki Ree, aDiva, Last Call plus some cool old outfits from Simone. I'm pretty picky about what I keep in inventory. If something doesn't look quite right or doesn't move correctly when I'm dancing, it gets tossed. So when Inga sent me her latest mesh creation called Coralee, I was sort of yeah, yeah, it looks wonderful in the photo but how will it work when I move in it?

Coralee - Back View
So first thing I did was put it on, do the usual shape tweaking and went straight to Sweetheart's Jazz club. First dance and I was totally amazed. This is the positively the best formal I have ever worn. Period. It moves gracefully, flows like hot butter and the prim bottom pieces seamlessly blends into the mesh dress and the mermaid styling is so elegant without being stuffy or Barbie-ish. (Yes, I just made up that word.)

Anyway, like most of Inga Wind's items, this includes some very cute strappy shoes which you won't see unless you're walking or the dress bottom flies up from movement.

OK so the amazing thing? The price!!! It's only $230L. INGA!! GIRLFRIEND! What are you thinking???? This just kills some of my Blaze formals that are four times as much!! Sigh. Anyway, Coralee comes in Purple (shown) along with black, silver, gold, pink and red. Outfit is complete with necklace, dress, shoes and includes 6 different sizes.

Go buy it before she takes my advice and raises the price. :P

SLURL to Inga Wind Fashion: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pitreavie/173/191/409

UPDATE: Someone mentioned they wanted to see the back so here it is! Click on the image to see it full size.

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