May 22, 2013

New fantasy SIM tops for photos

A friend passed along the landmark for a new SIM (Sandalphon) a friend of hers has built saying I had to take a look since it was so cool for pictures. Well, she's right. It is gorgeous! I put on my elf avatar just to stick with the fantasy theme and popped over to take a few photos. Now I'm sure there are some awesome things I could be doing in Windlight to make things even more interesting but I think what you see with the owner settings is very cool!

My only (small) criticisms are that some of the land features that look like you can walk over are phantom prims. Many spots that would be great for posing aren't because you disappear into them. Plus, there could be a few more physical mounds and hills. But, to be totally fair, the builder has done an amazing job on a single SIM. It really feels much bigger than it is. Anyway, enjoy! Click on any photo to see full size. LM at the end of the article.

So check out Sandalphon here:

Let me know what you think!

P.S. This SIM is rated Adult so you must be age-verified. I didn't see anything that would warrant that setting (no naughty things) but I suspect it's because the owner wants it that way!


  1. Beautiful photos, Snickers and thanks for sharing. You can rez pose balls on Sandalphon, though I'm sure the owner would be very happy you cleaned up after yourself. There are so many areas to explore, and so many moods.

    1. Oddly, it didn't accept my login, I'll sign...Lisa Fossett.

  2. Thanks Lisa for giving me the LM. I went with a friend and he was really impressed too.


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