April 11, 2013

Lottie -- summery, butterfly magic

Lottie by Inga Wind
There's a story behind this outfit. When I first got it from Inga Wind, I absolutely loved the print (Inga has a thing for butterfles) and I loved the styling. Plus the wedgie sandals! OMG. They are freaking amazing!
Alpha gap

What was driving me crazy were the alphas! Now most mesh outfits require a certain amount of shape tweaking to get your curvy parts to fit the mesh. But in my case, no amount of tweaking to my boobs would hide some gaps between the alpha and the top.

You can see the little transparent spot above showing the gap. If I set my sliders so the gap would close, the tops of my boobs push through the top. Not a pretty picture (down guys, it looked stupid).

So I sent Ingathe photo evidence and voila, she turned around new alphas in about an hour that solved the problem perfectly! They were just a bit too large. Shrinking them to cover less skin area made a huge difference!

Lottie Sandals by Inga Wind
OK so what you get with Lottie is the dress as shown with sleeves, plus a very cute prim butterfly chest attachment and the sandals!

Now are these not the cutest things on the planet? Want want want for real life! Click them to see the detail close-up. I could have adjusted the skin tone via the included HUD to be a little darker to match my skin tone, but out of the box, it's pretty darn close. (Yes they are the feet included type.)
Lottie showing included hair wreath.
So all this cool stuff sells for $250L ($125L if you are a group member and buy it within 2 days of release). But wow, I'd pay $250L just for the sandals!

As usual, here's a SLURL to Inga's store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pitreavie/173/191/409

NOTE - OMG I forgot to wear the hair wreath for my photo. Here's Inga's package photo showing the wreath!

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