July 23, 2012

Virtual Asia SIM gets major facelift

Last January, I featured a SIM called Virtual Asia in a blog post (http://snickitty.blogspot.com/2012/01/taste-of-asia-in-second-life.html) describing it as a gritty, run-down Tokyo build. While small, the execution, look and feel were first rate and well worth a visit.

Recently, Manaaf, the owner/builder, IM'd me to say he's been hard at work updating and redesigning Virtual Asia. I have to say, the results are spectacular. There are still some obvious works-in-progress in spots but overall the new Virtual Asia really captures the feel of a major urban center like Tokyo or Singapore. The build is larger, slighty more trendy in spots and every bit as gaudy and full of neon as one might expect.

A few shots:
Main Street & Landing Point

Me in one of my sexier Bare@Rose outfits (Black Petal).

Grundgy, dodgy neighborhood.
Beware. I'm packing pepper spray.

View back towards downtown.

Here's the SLURL to Virtual Asia: http://slurl.com/secondlife/MaxStudio/202/161/4000
The build is on a sky platform at 4000 meters so hopefully that SLURL will work.

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