September 13, 2011

New fashion line crashes Target website

I admit, I like shopping at Target. They carry Gillian & O'Malley bras (which I love) and Calypso St. Barth at great prices along with some, usually, cute seasonal clothing items. Plus, a lot of their home decor stuff fits my budget and style. Hey it's not Nordstrom's but it stretches the budget a lot.

So like a lot of people, I was intrigued by the news that Target was going to be carrying some Missoni items at Target prices. For those who don't know, Missoni is a high-end Italian design house whose clothing articles can easily jump into the thousands of dollars.

So being the online shopper doodle that I am, I went to Target's website and this is what I found! (OK the stuffed doggy is too cute by half.)

Anyway, Target's website has been crashed and offline for almost a day now and the news even made it to the NY Times. NY Times: Demand at Target for Fashion Line Crashes Web Site

Oh well. It's not like I really NEEDED new clothes is it??

P.S. And I owe Target another thanks for introducing Pomplamoose (the band) to the universe via those wonderful Christmas carol commercials!!!! If you haven't seen/heard their cover of the Angry Birds theme on video, you have not lived!!!

Pomplamoose -- official Youtube site

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