July 19, 2010

Help organize my blog!

I just noticed today that my arbitrary "tagging" of articles I've written has gotten out of hand. Tags or labels as Blogger calls them, are how content sort of gets organized. After getting rid of all the single occurrence labels, I noticed that some, like "second life" applied to almost everything I write about (although not all). You can see the results of my cleanup in the "cloud" listing of topics in the right-hand column.

So the question for all you who bother to read my ramblings, what sorts of labels would make more sense to you? How would YOU like to see my blog organized? Are there other labels you think would make more sense? I don't organize this thing into discrete page areas and ain't about to. So give me your thoughts on how I should use labels. Thanks!!!


  1. I've used labels/tags in blogs for a long time. You should keep them general - like "food" or "fashion" unless it's a specific thing you write about often - say, "jive software". If it's something the whole blog is about - like "second life" - DON'T make that a label. It's not necessary!

  2. Yeah I've thought about ditching the second life tag since so much of what I write covers that. OK, you talked me into it. Done. :)

  3. I use "stuff" a lot...but then, sometimes I use "bloggy stuff"....f***k the search engines.....:))


All thoughts are welcome.