June 17, 2010

Great take on the state of Linden Lab

I was chatting with Joel Savard (Joel Foner in RL) in SL this evening. We were discussing the recent press release by Linden Lab (30% staff reductions etc) and the letter from M Linden (Mark Kingdon) to all SL residents which puts a slightly different spin on things from the press release. Bottom line? It's all BS. We're screwed. As a corporate PR grrl, I should know. I write this stuff for a living. Too bad they didn't even give the mess believable spin. Sigh.

So, if you want a great take on what's really going on with Linden Lab and Second Life, you have to read Crap Mariner's (aka Second Lie aka ??) blog post. It's a laundry list of grips and issues -- and every one of them is dead on.

Awesome blog post by Crap Mariner!

Also highly recommended reading: JoelFoner.com


  1. Read CM, seems spot on...
    Maybe the scariest part of M's letter?
    That's the best spin the PR guy/gal could muster?
    You have to believe he didn't write that himself.
    A couple of blogs have suggested a user buy out...nice idea. The application might be unreachable tho

  2. Not everyone got M's letter. Not sure why. Technical difficulties?

  3. User buy-out ain't happening.

    The investors aren't ready to let go yet, and if Saints VC follows its usual playbook, they'd milk it for every dollar until it's time to carve it up and sell off the technologies and components.

    Maybe the server code might get put on the auction block for the OSGrid types. *shrug*



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