December 19, 2009

K2 Gallery - Etched & stained glass in Second Life

Taking a break from my last few rants against Linden Lab & their XStreet foolishness, I'm featuring an artist and her gallery! I first became aware of Kristine Kristan when we connected via Twitter (@Krix). She's funny, edgey and makes a cute kitty too. When I met her for the first time inworld, I found out she's also a wonderful etched and stained/fused glass artist in both real life and Second Life! Her virtual etched pieces have amazing details and often look like they are four or five layers deep.

Click on the photos above and below for full size pictures so you can see how much detail is in her work.

If you are looking for that perfect piece of art for your home or business or just want to see some very cool stuff, visit Kristine's K2 Gallery soon. She does custom work too!

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